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3 Tips for Starting a Social Exercise Plan

3 Tips for Starting a Social Exercise Plan

Posted by VPX Sports on Mon, Aug 12, 2013

Why exercise alone?? It?s boring, lonely, and it?s much harder to stay motivated five to six days a week at the gym.? Music improves the situation, but it doesn?t replace the company you gain from a workout partner or group of people to interact with.

I knew I needed motivation and couldn?t stay on track while juggling a tough career.? For a week or two I?d spend considerable time at the gym, and then would fall back into lazy habits after work.? I never could catch a grip on establishing a concrete exercise routine.? Extra work, happy hours, or my Thursday night TV show would block my success. I couldn?t attain a healthy weight.

Thanks to a suggestion from my primary care doctor, I dropped the attempts at working out alone and molded a plan for social exercise.? My doctor expressed concerns about my weight and lifestyle habits. He didn?t want me to lose control of my weight or continue to indulge in bad habits. It?s in my nature to be social so he told me to mix that with exercise to keep me more entertained, interested and accountable. He suggested these three social health ideas.

1.?? ?Group Fitness

This was a baby step into social exercise for me.? I joined a spinning class initially to start off.? I made friends immediately with the other women and few men in the class. While attending spin class three days a week, I began transforming into a gym rat!

Spin classes were like a gateway for me and encouraged me to join yoga as well. It left me feeling balanced, relaxed and more flexible.? From there I also started spending time in a mountain biking group on the weekends.

Group fitness is an excellent starting point for a socially designed fitness plan. It offers great opportunities to find new friends and have fun while working towards a mutual goal.

2.?? ?Hiking or Running Group

Exercising groups are the best. Once my leg muscles began to tone and gain strength, I accepted the next challenge of a runner?s group based out of the gym.? The members of the group seemed like seasoned runners and trail blazers who would leave me behind.

Instead, they were the nicest group of people ever. Each person got a chance to map out our runs every week.? After some long runs we stopped in a bar for a post drink or two.? We mingled, became close friends, and provided health support for one another. ?

If any person tried to slack off by missing a run, we called, texted, and even ran to a person?s house once.? I never experienced that level of physical activity commitment and fun before.

Some people from our running group also spent time hiking.? It was a nice change of pace from running and it gave us the opportunity to take in a little nature while staying active.

3.?? ?Social Eating Affects Exercise

You can?t ignore eating habits when founding a social exercise plan.? You can still exercise consistently, but if you?re not eating right then the results from physical exercise are wasted.? Creating a social fitness plan also entailed improving eating habits.

After a little research, the community garden called my name. The people committed to gardening were friendly, inviting, and nutritionally aware.? When you invest time grooming, nurturing, and growing your own vegetables and herbs, it changes your vision on eating.

I paid attention to the nutritional labels at grocery stores, never missed the local farmers market, and focused more on constructing healthier meals.? I stopped binging on unhealthy late night snacks and learned to control food cravings.? I made incredible friends at the community garden.? We share meals together, throw barbecues and picnics, and give one another fresh produce gifts.

My health, fitness level, eating habits and lifestyle have all improved tremendously since creating my own social exercise plan. What ways have you tried to make health and fitness a more social activity in your life? Share in the comments section below.

This is a guest post written by Jessica Socheski. She is a freelance journalist currently writing about nutritional and fitness tips that helped her lose weight and gain control of her health. You can connect with her on Twitter.

Source: http://fitness.vpxsports.com/blog/bid/94340/3-Tips-for-Starting-a-Social-Exercise-Plan

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Fight over golf ball leaves man unable to speak

Wayne Magalogo, 65, shows where he was punched in the face after he picked up what he thought was an errant ball on the green July 2, 2013, in West Jordan. A couple of weeks later, he went to the hospital and was told he had bleeding on the brain. Surgery fixed the problem, but he is now unable to speak and struggles with basic motor skills.

Alan Neves, Deseret News

WEST JORDAN ? The family of a 65-year-old man says he was assaulted on a golf course, punched in the head because he picked up what he thought was an errant ball on the green.

Wayne Magalogo, 65, was golfing Mountain View Golf Course on July 2 when his family says he was attacked. It was a couple of weeks before he started having such painful headaches that he went to see a doctor. It was discovered he had bleeding on the brain.

Magalogo has been out of the hospital for just a few days. He struggles with basic motor skills and has lost his ability to speak.

On July 2, Magalogo was golfing with his father and putting on the third hole when a ball landed on the green, his family said. He picked it up, and the golfer who had hit the ball got angry, punched him and then left, according to family members. Magalogo and his father continued playing.

Magalogo didn?t think anything of the attack until he started getting major headaches. He went to see a doctor and had surgery to stop bleeding in his brain, his family said. He spent more than a week in the hospital recovering. He still has headaches and has to take medication for the pain, family members said.

Magalogo's son Owen said there was no reason for the attack.

?It?s just a sport,? Owen Magalogo said. ?Some people take it too far. They get angry just because it doesn?t go their way, but they can?t have everything go their way in life.?

He said the family wants the man who punched his father to answer for what he did.

?The biggest thing is just to find the guy and get some justice,? Owen Magalogo said.

The family didn?t make a connection with Wayne Magalogo?s injuries and the altercation until a few weeks after the incident, and that?s when they called West Jordan police.

?The time lapse between the incident and when we received the first report was three weeks,? West Jordan Police Sgt. Dan Roberts said.

There were more than 200 people on the course that day, police say, and single and double golfers didn?t need to give their name for a tee time. Even with little to go on, detectives are hoping for tips about the alleged assault.

?It just underscores the importance of maintaining your self control and not lashing out at people,? Roberts said. ?You never know what they are capable of or susceptible to, and what might appear as a minor altercation can turn into a life-or-death struggle.?

That is what worries Wayne Magalogo?s family, not knowing if he will ever be the same or if the man they say hurt him will ever have to answer for it.

?It?s just sad,? Owen Magalogo said. ?I really don?t know just why someone would stoop to that level, just to punch him over a sport. I don?t understand why it had to come to that.?

Police have a very vague description of the man who allegedly punched Magalogo. They say he in his late 20s to early 30s. Anyone with information is asked to call 801-840-4000.

Contributing: Peter Samore

Email: spenrod@deseretnews.com

Source: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865584550/Fight-over-golf-ball-leaves-man-unable-to-speak.html

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Fantasy Football Draft 2013: Which Wide Outs are In?


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Nadal beats Raonic in Montreal final

MONTREAL (AP) ? Rafael Nadal beat Milos Raonic 6-2, 6-2 on Sunday in the Rogers Cup final, spoiling Raonic's bid to become the first Canadian winner in the event in 55 years.

Robert Bedard, the last Canadian to win what was then called the Canadian Open in 1955, was in attendance to see Nadal claim his third Rogers Cup title. The Spanish star also won in 2005 and 2008.

"To win here, I have to be playing my top level," Nadal said. "Very happy the way that I played almost every match in this tournament. Is very important for me, this title. Just very happy for everything."

Raonic was the first Canadian since the now 81-year-old Bedard even to reach the final.

"The tournament overall was a great thing," Raonic said. "There were a lot of situations that I'm very happy with the way I dealt with them, and there were a lot of learning experiences through it all.

"A lot of stepping stones that I need to do in my career happened this week, so that's great. The match, obviously I'm a little disappointed with myself. I would have hoped to deal with that situation a little bit better."

Nadal, playing his first tournament since a first-round loss at Wimbledon in June, posted his eighth tournament win this year and the 58th of his career. On Saturday night in the semifinals, Nadal beat two-time defending champion Novak Djokovic 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (2).

"I did a lot of things well," Nadal said. "My return was huge this afternoon. I returned a few first serves of his in important moments, decisive. Then I think he play with more mistakes than usual. That helped me."

By reaching the final, the 22-year-old Raonic will move up to 10th in world rankings, a record for a Canadian. He will be the youngest player in the top 10. Nadal will move from fourth to third.

"With his serve, his chance to be in the top 10 for a long time is very good," Nadal said. "Then what you need is to work on the mental part and in the game from the baseline, to try to play the right way on the important points. I think he will do it. He's still young. He's having great results. This week is going to be very important for him and for tennis in Canada in general."

Raonic has worn different colored Davis Cup-style shirts with a maple leaf over the heart all week, but saved a red-and-white one for the final. It didn't help as Nadal needed just 1 hour, 8 minutes to win.

The Uniprix Stadium crowd was solidly behind Raonic throughout the one-sided match.

Nadal's all-around game, particularly his superior passing shots and baseline play, proved too much for the power-hitting Raonic, who was only effective in games in which his booming serve was working.

On a windy afternoon, Nadal had two service breaks in the first set, including one after trailing 0-40, and broke again to open the second. At 2-1 in the second set, Raonic wasted three break points to let his best chance for a break slip away.

The Spaniard broke again for a 5-2 lead and served out the match.

Nadal is 4-0 against Raonic in his career.

Nadal stretched his record for wins in Masters series tournaments to 25 with his fourth this year. He is 48-3 and has reached the final of 10 out of 11 tournaments in 2013.

Raonic's victory over Vasek Pospisil of Vernon, B.C., on Saturday marked the first time two Canadians were in the semifinals of an ATP Tour event since Andrew Sznajder and Martin Wosterholme in 1990 at Rio de Janeiro.

The last Canadian to get that far in the Rogers Cup, then called the Canadian Open, was Mike Belkin of Montreal in 1969.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/nadal-beats-raonic-montreal-final-203655236.html

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Edward Snowden: Traitor, whistleblower or defector? (cbsnews)

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Jets' McKnight carted to locker room after fall

(AP) ? New York Jets running back Joe McKnight was carted to the locker room, wearing an oxygen mask, after dropping to the field during a drill.

McKnight, who has been recovering from a head injury, took a knee three times as he made his way onto the field Monday and was examined by trainers. Wearing a red no-contact jersey, he was participating in a drill when he went down again. Trainers rushed over to examine McKnight, who has also dealt with dehydration issues all camp, before walking him to a medical tent.

McKnight was examined for several minutes before being carted away. He was wearing an oxygen mask as he walked on his own into the locker room, while a trainer held the tank.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/347875155d53465d95cec892aeb06419/Article_2013-08-12-FBN-Jets-McKnight/id-c287dee1f78140938edd0df4c8690ce0

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#Roma sconfitta dal Chelsea a Washington, anche se sul piano del gioco non hanno...

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